How To File The IRS Form 5695 ITC Solar Tax Credit

A residential solar energy system is one of the best ways to lower your electricity costs. Federal, state, and local organizations have established incentive and rebate programs to lower the cost of installation. The hope is to encourage more solar systems installed for homes and businesses. The IRS offers a Federal Income Tax Credit (ITC) on solar power systems. The …

If You Have Been Told A.M. Sun Solar Is Going Out Of Business, This Is The Truth You Need To Know

Atascadero Solar Company

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” joked Mark Twain when asked about a newspaper that printed his obituary.” A.M. Sun Solar has something similar to report.   Unfortunately, we have heard some exaggerated reports about A.M. Sun Solar. We’re here to tell you: The reports of our bankruptcy are greatly exaggerated.   Here are the facts about A.M. …

Does Solar Power Work During A California Winter?

Does Solar Power Work During A California Winter?

Yes, solar energy panels will still work during the wintertime.   How Does It Work? The solar panels convert light (photons) to electricity (voltage) through the photovoltaic effect. The same way you can still get a sunburn on a cloudy day, the light waves still work to power the solar cells inside the paneling.   The only change between seasons …

Read our solar article in Living Lavishly Magazine

We’re very happy to have an article in Living Lavishly Magazine. Living Lavishly Magazine is created right here on the central coast and we are grateful to share a solar story with their readers, and you! Take a look below to read about how a custom solar solution paid for Faye’s kitchen.

Solar is California’s Number 1 Renewable Energy Source

A.M. Sun Solar Residential Solar Installation

It hasn’t taken long for solar power in California to head to the top of the renewable energy pile. According to information from the state’s major grid manager, in 2015 solar became the number one source of renewable energy in California. Read the full article here: Solar Surges Past Wind, Hydro as California’s No. 1 Renewable Energy Source

How do you know if your panels are still working?

So you installed a solar system a few years ago and it has been working great but how do you know if it’s still producing as much power as it can? Maybe you’re worried that one of the panels is broken or the trees that were small a few years ago have grown and are now creating too much shade …