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What is the TESLA POWERWALL 3?

Tesla Powerwall 3

Powerwall 3 is a fully integrated solar and battery system, designed to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. Customers can receive whole home backup, cost savings, and energy independence by producing and consuming their own energy while participating in grid services. Once installed, customers can manage their system using the Tesla App to customize system behavior to meet their energy goals. Powerwall 3 achieves this by supporting up to 20 kW DC of solar and providing 11.5 kW AC of continuous power per unit. It has the ability to start heavy loads up to 185 A LRA, meaning a single unit can support the power needs of most homes. Powerwall 3 is designed for mass production, fast and efficient installations, easy system expansion, and simple connection to any electrical service.

Important Characteristics

  • For a more compact installation, the battery, inverter, and system controller are all integrated.
  • Self-powered, time-based control, and backup modes are among the application modes available.
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and LTE connectivity, as well as simple, over-the-air updates

Off-Grid Capabilities

  • The Powerwall+ is distinguished by its ability to release more power when operating off-grid, with maximum continuous power output ranging between 7 kW and 9.6 kW depending on weather conditions. Peak off-grid power (10s) ranges from 22 kW with full sun and 10kW without sun.

Benefits of Storage & Backup

  • Power when an outage occurs
  • Appliances, lights, communication, and more
  • Power on demand

The Power of Savings

  • Offset peak hour rates when the sun goes down
  • Protection from electricity rate increases
  • Federal tax credit

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