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How long will it take to see if I can save with solar?

With a 10 minute phone call, our solar consultants can tell you if our solar solutions can bring you savings. We’ll start with some questions and even offer you a free energy rate analysis. We’ll also take a look at your home or business layout with satellite imagery and discuss your individual needs. Fill out this form or call us at 805-772-6786 to get started today.

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Our difference is service, value and solution.


We provide the same high quality local customer service and one-on-one attention to all projects big and small. We’re with you every step of the way from design, paperwork, installation and after all the work is complete.


We propose a solar solution that is what you need, not one that is the most you are willing to pay. We aren’t tied to any one manufacturer, so we can get the right equipment at the right price for you.


Your life doesn’t fit in a box, so why would your solar solution? With A.M. Sun Solar you can enjoy a customized approach to meet your energy needs. By designing each system to your needs, an A.M. Sun Solar system is guaranteed to be the right solution at a great price.