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We feel that the most important decision you can make about solar for your home is the company you choose to do business with. By picking the right company, you can trust that your best interest will be looked out for. That’s the way we do business at A.M. Sun Solar. It’s part of our culture and is ingrained into our entire staff.

Take a few minutes to read our reviews and listen to our customer testimonials. You will see that our philosophy of doing business is more than just talk.

Solar Story:
Glenn & Ann

When we asked Glenn & Ann what the customer service with A.M. Sun Solar was like, they said:

"A.M. Sun Solar feels eager to help you. 'Oh, yeah anything you need! You're part of our family and we'll always take care of you!' And it's been that way exactly. Like a family run local buddy company."

Solar Story:
Joe & Kathy

Joe and Kathy are homeowners, RV travelers and solar customers in Atascadero, California. After having solar with A.M. Sun Solar for over 9 years they have seen benefits in many ways.

Solar Story:

Here is what solar customer Donn of Atascadero had to say about his experience with A.M. Sun Solar:

You wanna have trust, you wanna feel like what people are telling you is the truth. You want to feel like people are actually liking you and working with you and we felt that. We felt that from every step of the way. That all of the people that worked for A.M. Sun Solar treated us like we were the most important people in the room.

Solar Story:

Owner of Stagecoach Liquor in Atascadero, California

One of Atascadero’s largest solar systems is installed atop Stagecoach Liquor’s 2,500+ square-foot building on El Camino Real.

I used to spend as much as $2,300 a month on my electric bill,” said Michael Hawkins. “Once I heard I could save over $1,000 per month with solar, I decided to move forward.

Real Stories from our Clients

Kelly R.

“After reviewing solar installation companies for two years, I finally made the decision and went with the best rated installer on the Central Coast, A.M. Sun Solar. My research included reading online reviews from numerous sources, in person meetings with the top four installers, phoning past customers, and I actually visited one previous customer’s installation site. In addition, they were only one of two installers that would install a ground-mount system (as I didn’t want the PV tiles on my roof).

The result: I could not be more satisfied. The system has been installed for 4 months and has performed flawlessly. I no longer concern my self with how much electricity I use, nor when I want to use it! Annual electricity rate increases are now just a bad memory!

In summary: Price – cheapest around, sales crew – lowest pressure, most informative, and professional Installation crew – knowledgeable, skillful, flexible, timely, and professional, System – maintenance free, performs better than expected, and I can monitor production from my smartphone! To the A.M. Sun Solar team – you are the unequivocal BEST! Feel free to use me as a reference anytime.”

A+++ for A.M. Sun Solar

“We had a 3.38 kW system installed in January 2016 which we own (paid cash). Our monthly usage averages 420 kWh per month. Our average production so far has been 510 kWh per month (237 low due to El Nino rain to 584 high) so it”s been great to watch the meter spin backwards!!

The system was installed earlier than originally estimated and at the exact price quoted.

Professional staff, from the sales rep, to the front office, to the installers. All questions were answered quickly and they provided the most references (10) of the 5 solar companies we contacted. They included current installations still being assembled to 5 year old projects (both commercial and residential). We were able to see 3 in person and talk with their owners. Their positive experiences were ultimately what drove our decision to go with A.M. Sun Solar (prices were the same essentially since we wanted to own our system).

They took care of all the permits and helped us with the tax info.

They continue to answer our questions even months after the installation.
We really love that their system comes with an App so we can view daily/weekly/monthly/yearly production down to each individual panel no matter where we are.”

Mark B.

All the great reviews they get are probably totally deserved. Everyone was totally professional, and more to the point, were all friendly, honest and eager to help make the project a success – and it is!

End of year time constraint totally met, extra work done above and beyond, every step explained and done on time, very high quality equipment and little details like color matching my house paint so new electrical conduit just blends right in. Best of all, I’m generating power right in line with the project estimate.

Turned the system on at winter solstice, the least sunny day of the year, charged up my electric car, cooked some Christmas dinner and the electric company is paying me for that!

Kathy I. | Paso Robles

We had a great experience working with A.M. Sun Solar. We had talked with 5 companies and liked what we saw at A.M. Sun Solar. Mo was our rep and was great! She was quick to respond to any questions we had, unlike the outcome with several of the other companies. They were installing during some of the hottest days of the summer and were up in our even hotter attic, but never heard them complain. They did not rush through it and made sure that the job got done right! They were very tidy, leaving the place clean on a daily basis. I was impressed that they painted the conduit to match the house. The crew were all very professional and I would highly recommend them.

Jim | Paso Robles

“The company was great with all facets of setting up our home. The crew was very professional and rescued a gopher snake that made my wife scream at. Not only are they great installers they handle snakes with the same care and attention of their installation. Happy so far.”


Neither SolarCity, nor Solarponics have a way to deal with Spanish tile. They both told me to hire a roofer to prepare the roof and they’d inspect it and hopefully approve it. A.M. Sun Solar did a beautiful job. Awesome guys and no trash left!

Greg C. | Nipomo
Our sales rep did a great job explaining everything! Great service guys. They hooked us up with Matadors credit union for financing. We have had solar for 3 months now and our bill went from @ $450 – $600 /mo. to PG&E to a $300.00 / mo.payment to the credit union on a 12 year plan. Plus a $10,000.00 Tax credit! Our annual PG&E projected bill is $144.00 FOR THE YEAR. Yoo Hoo. We Love it. Thanks Guys.
Tim B. | Los Osos
“The salesperson was no pressure and very informative. The installation was painless, professional and clean. The final cost was exactly as quoted. We would recommend AM Sun Solar without hesitation!”
Bob | Templeton

“A.M. Sun Solar installed our system 16 months ago and it has preformed above expectations.

Their advice on sizing for our needs was right on. We wanted a system to meet 100% of our then current electric needs and provide additional electricity for a future swim spa. After the installation of the solar system, we installed a 16” swim spa and over the last 16 months our utility electric bill has been $0.

We use the swim spa daily and we have a big smile each time we jump into 95 degree water and know it is being heated with electricity provided by the sun.

Anyone thinking about installing solar needs to strongly consider A.M. Sun Solar as their provider.”

Pat | San Luis Obispo

I never write reviews. But I’m happy to report how happy I’ve been with A.M. Sun Solar – and that they were a much better deal than the competition. I particularly enjoyed working with my salesman and the installation crew.

I was very picky on the equipment I wanted here, and had even started to plan on doing the whole install myself. In the end, AM Solar delivered MORE than they promised. The system has run flawlessly on my house ever since and it’s great to watch the meter run backwards. Thank you thank you thank you. Go with this local company and you won’t be disappointed.

Shay S. Granite Ridge Camp | Creston
This is great company to work with. They are first class from start to finish. I can not say enough good things about the entire team at A.M. Sun Solar.
Sarah M. | Templeton

The sales rep was attentive, not pushy but kept in touch until we were ready. Once we started the project, the communication and customer service by everyone from the office staff to the installers was nothing short of excellent. The right price, the right company. Thanks A.M. Sun Solar!

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