Keeping it Local: Fresno Family Goes Solar

The Wedehase family of Fresno, California chose to go solar in 2019 with A.M. Sun Solar. Since then, worrying about their electric bill has been a thing of the past. 

“Having three children means more electricity is used nowadays,” said Jason Wedehase. “We came to a conclusion where going solar just made sense.” 

Wedehase mentions that he’s always liked the idea of going green and cares about the carbon footprint his family leaves behind; so once the price of solar started decreasing throughout the years, his interest in finally installing a solar energy system increased.

However, Wedehase didn’t find confidence in many of the corporate solar companies and the packages they were offering. “I’m an electrician, so I took every appraisal very seriously,” he said. “I have a high expectation for the quality of the install… the way the conduits are placed and the overall aesthetic is just as important as the function.”

So, Wedehase chose to go local. “I chose A.M. Sun Solar because they were the first company that agreed to meet my expectations,” he said.

Wedehase’s solar consultant, Marc Merk, made sure all installers knew of Wedehase’s standards when it came to the installation of his solar panels. Now — eight months later — Wedehase’s experience with A.M. Sun Solar has been nothing short of satisfactory. 

“I wasn’t only happy with the personalized service that comes with working with a family-owned business, but I also value the importance of keeping my dollars local,” said Wedehase. “Not only did A.M. Sun Solar help me when it came to investing in my home, but they also eventually became a primary sponsor for my son’s racing program.”

With A.M. Sun Solar’s commitment to helping the local economy and community thrive, they took pride in supporting Wedehase’s son, Sam, through his passion in racing. “A.M. Sun Solar has become a huge part of my family’s lives and what we do,” said Wedehase. “I couldn’t be happier with the experience I’ve gotten from this team.”

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