Eco-Friendly Tips to Stay Cool in the Heat!

How To Stay Cool During The Hot Summer

Drink LOTS of Water

Drink Water

With the daily temperature in some areas of the Central Coast, getting over 100 degrees, it is important to not only have water on hand but to drink a lot of it! If you are outdoors or exercising, make sure to drink water with enhanced electrolytes. If you have not had water in 3 hours, have been moving consistently, and it is over 90 degrees, you need to drink some water. Our bodies are made up of over 60% water, so sweating, urination, sneezing, and other things, take water from our body. We need to replenish this loss of water quickly in order to avoid becoming dehydrated.
*Remember if your urine is dark or yellow and your lips are super dry you are indeed dehydrated. Make sure to check your kids as well.

Cover Up

Sunshades, sunglasses, hats, and umbrellas are helpful when it is really hot outside. The rays from the sun can cause havoc on your entire body including your retina and hair; so keep them protected during the days when it is extremely hot. If you are having an outdoor event, try putting up a tent to cover you and your guests.

Dress Light and Cool

Break out the cotton and linens and if they are in white and beige even better! Those materials and colors reflect the sunlight, absorb sweat and help you feel cooler than dark colors. Light colors are known to be ideal this time of year, because dark colors, make you feel even hotter, but light clothing helps repel the sun. Think light and bright this summer!

Chill Your Skin and Pulse Points

Run cold water over your wrists, right at your pulse point, throughout the day. Or, put a cold towel across your forehead. A water bottle full of ice or ice water behind the knees and at the ankles will also cool you down and will help if you’re hot at night in bed. Covering your neck with a scarf not only guards you against the sun, but the neck contains vital pulse points.

Your neck, wrists, ankles, inside of the knees and elbows, inner thighs, temples, and forehead, are all pulse points that relay coolness to the rest of your body when they are cooled. Keeping them cool through the use of wet handkerchiefs, ice cubes, or water can bring down your body temperature fast!

Freeze Your Fruit

Make up a batch of frozen, fresh fruit popsicles to cool you down! Check out these healthy, fruity popsicle recipes, for a tasty and cooling snack this summer!

Get Out the Aloe

The leaves and inner gel of the aloe plant can help to lower body temperature. Or use an aloe vera-based after sun product morning and night to cool you down – even if you’re not sunburned. For added benefits, keep it in the refrigerator before applying for an extra cooling sensation!

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