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Powerwall +

Powerwall+ is an integrated solar battery system that stores energy generated by solar production. It has two independent inverters—one for battery and one for solar—that are designed to work together. The integrated design and simplified installation means Powerwall+ can work on any home. Plus, improved surge power capability provides total backup in a small, attractive package. And smart controls allow you to tailor the system to your specific renewable energy requirements.

Important Characteristics

  • For a more compact installation, the battery, inverter, and system controller are all integrated.
  • Self-powered, time-based control, and backup modes are among the application modes available.
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and LTE connectivity, as well as simple, over-the-air updates

Off-Grid Capabilities

  • The Powerwall+ is distinguished by its ability to release more power when operating off-grid, with maximum continuous power output ranging between 7 kW and 9.6 kW depending on weather conditions. Peak off-grid power (10s) ranges from 22 kW with full sun and 10kW without sun.

Benefits of Backup

  • Power when an outage occurs
  • Appliances, lights, communication, and more
  • Power on demand

The Power of Savings

  • Offset peak hour rates when the sun goes down
  • Protection from electricity rate increases
  • Federal tax credit

Key Differences to the Original Powerwall

Powerwall +

The Powerwall+ introduced one significant change: a higher power rating. A battery's continuous power rating indicates what and how many appliances it can power. Powerwall+ batteries connected to the grid can now provide 7.6 kW of continuous power when the sun shines and 5.6 kW when there is no sun. This means that a single unit can power lights, outlets, and 120-volt appliances like your refrigerator. You will need more Powerwalls if you want to run high-powered appliances like an air conditioner.

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