Support Your Solar Energy System with a BACKUP BATTERY!

A.M. Sun Solar+ Battery Backup

Have peace of mind during power outages.

Benefits of Backup

  • Power when an outage occurs
  • Appliances, lights, communication, and more
  • Power on demand

The Power of Savings

  • Offset peak hour rates when the sun goes down
  • Protection from electricity rate increases
  • Federal tax credit

How Does the Tesla Battery Work?

It provides backup power protection

Battery storage makes sure your solar system will be able to operate and continue to provide clean power when the power goes out. 

Your solar energy system is used efficiently

A battery helps store excess solar power so you can use it in the evening once the sun goes down. You can also use a battery to help offset using power from the grid when energy rates are higher

Cleaner energy usage

When you have solar and battery together, it means less demand for grid power when grid energy sources are associated with the most greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

How Long Will the Backup Battery Last?

Each Powerwall can hold up to 13.5 kWh of energy. To put that into context, a central 3-ton AC unit running for constantly 3 hours will use 9 kWh. Of course, a well-designed cooling system will not run for three hours straight — it turns off and on intermittently to maintain the desired temperature.

Depending on your home's typical energy usage, multiply Powerwall's may provide beneficial coverage during outages.

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