Solar Stimulus Package: How A.M. Sun Solar is Stimulating the Local Economy

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, A.M. Sun Solar has continued to make efforts to provide discounted rates, solar financing options, and job opportunities in San Luis Obispo County and Fresno. In an effort to stimulate the local economy, A.M. Sun Solar is offering $150 off of every kilowatt installed through June 2020. That is up to to $3,000 cash back per customer when you go solar with A.M. Sun Solar.

Photovoltaic solar is a safe investment that will increase the value of your home while decreasing electrical bills. For some individuals, an outright purchase of a solar system may not be achievable during this time of uncertainty.  In this case, A.M. Sun Solar makes it easy to install a PV solar system for your home or business without writing a big check. With the company’s extremely competitive financing options, enjoy no money down, and the payment term and interest rate you choose.

A.M. Sun Solar takes pride in being the local leader in custom solar solutions and installations on the Central Coast and in Fresno. Monthly promotions, financing options and job opportunities are only a few of the ways A.M. Sun Solar makes a positive impact on the local community.  The company works around the clock to educate the community on the importance of PV Solar and stimulate the economy with the power of the sun. Let A.M. Sun Solar help you go solar!

Learn more about receiving your solar stimulus package. Connect with us today!

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