SLO County Residents are Switching Energy Providers to 3CE

San Luis Obispo County, Calif. — This year, many Central Coast residents are switching energy providers to Central Coast Community Energy (3CE), an electricity provider that focuses on clean energy and local control. With their newly approved goal of reaching 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030, they will oversee electric generation concerning how and where electricity is generated. 

The Pros vs. Cons of Switching to 3CE

One of the benefits that 3CE offers customers is the money that can be saved on their monthly electric generation charges, especially with the recent increase in PG&E rates. Depending on the customer’s rate plan and system production, 3CE may be able to compensate customers at a significantly higher rate than PG&E.

However, there are some cons to switching, including the mandatory true-up with PG&E or SCE. This can create a disruption in a customer’s expected Net Energy Metering (NEM) value if customers don’t sign up during 3CE’s enrollment months

If customers don’t opt-out, accounts will automatically be moved over to Central Coast Community Energy. 

Local solar energy company, A.M. Sun Solar recommends residents look at their current energy bill and weigh the pros and cons of switching. “Depending on whether or not you are a net consumer of electricity, you may be able to save with 3CE,” says Mark Miller, Co-Founder of A.M. Sun Solar. “Talking to an expert can help you decide if making the switch is worth it or not.” 
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