Paso Robles Children’s Museum Powers Education & Play With A New Solar Energy System

Paso Robles Children's Museum Solar Energy System Installation

Every morning when the sun rises over the Children’s Museum in Paso Robles, the interactive displays, air blowers that send plastic balls whizzing through the air, and anything that uses electricity, will now be powered by a 15.2 kW clean solar energy system installed by the local solar energy company A.M. Sun Solar.

“Our mission at A.M. Sun Solar is to ‘grow communities with the power of the sun’.” Explains Glen Covert, a partner at A.M. Sun Solar. “Installing the 15.2 kW solar system on the Children’s Museum was the perfect opportunity to do that. We reached out to our suppliers and were able to get the equipment at cost for the installation. We also cut all of the profit out of the project and are raising even more in March to give back to the museum. We couldn’t be more excited about saving the Children’s Museum money and supporting the important work they do for the community.”

The Children’s Museum has welcomed over 200,000 visitors since it was restored from the historic firehouse and opened in 2007. The Museum continues to innovate their space while engaging with children in a joyful learn-through-play environment and inspire educational curiosity while honoring the heritage of volunteer firefighters.

“We are so excited to power the Children’s Museum with the Sun. It’s going to be a wonderful learning opportunity for the children while significantly reducing the Museum’s annual energy costs,” said Jennifer Smith, Executive Director of the Children’s Museum. “A.M. Sun Solar did so much to make this project possible, our resources were limited, but due to their generous support we were able to add a system that meets all of our power needs.” Added Smith. She went on to say, “we are working with A.M. Sun Solar on an exhibit that will be ready this year that will demonstrate the power of the sun to the children and help explain why this natural resource is so vital”.

Jennifer Smith, Executive Director of the Paso Robles Children's Museum and Glen Covert, Partner at A.M. Sun Solar in Paso Robles
Jennifer Smith, Executive Director of the Paso Robles Children’s Museum and Glen Covert, Partner at A.M. Sun Solar in Paso Robles turn on the new solar energy system.

A.M. Sun Solar will co-host a FREE day at the museum on Saturday, March 30th, from 10:30am to 4:30pm with ice cream, educational crafts, and a FREE raffle for a family 1-year membership to the museum.

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Jennifer Smith
Executive Director
Paso Robles Children’s Museum
623 13th Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Brian Potter
Director of Marketing
A.M. Sun Solar
(805) 772-6786
410 Sherwood Rd, Paso Robles CA 93446

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