Bill Pluma: Another Happy A.M. Sun Solar Customer

Bill Pluma, Paso Robles resident and community service advocate, says that making the change with A.M. Sun Solar has reduced his electric bills, which is a huge help during Paso Robles’ hot Summer months. 

Paso Robles, CA — Anyone involved with Paso Robles community service initiatives will know of the name Bill Pluma. Bill, a resident of the Central Coast for over 45 years and a long-time Community Service Advocate, helps direct non-profit organizations such as the Paso Robles Toy Bank or clubs like the Optimist Club. 

This Army Veteran has even been given an award that no other California resident has ever received — recognition from the President of the United States for fulfilling over 4,000 hours of community service in just two years.

As a local, retired resident, Bill searched for ways to eliminate any monthly expenses he could; reducing his electric bill was one of them. 

“My wife and I enjoy entertaining and having guests in the Summertime. We have a pool and like to use our air conditioning since Paso Robles tends to get hot during these Summer months,” said Bill. “With high Summer electric bills, I’m glad I made the change to A.M. Sun Solar.”

Now that Bill has solar, he says he gets to use his air conditioner as much as he wants, and even saw a 50% decrease in his electric bill in the first two weeks. 

One of Bill’s favorite features of his newly installed solar panels is the tax incentives. “I get to receive a rebate at the end of the year that’ll help me with my taxes for next year,” said Bill. “Eventually, having solar ends up paying for itself!”

Bill also mentioned his appreciation for the A.M. Sun Solar team. His A.M. Sun Solar consultant, Elizabeth Covert, gladly answered any questions him and his wife had. He also knew another A.M. Sun Solar Consultant, Matt McClish, from a local community service board he works with. His first contact with the team was with Mark Miller, who offered him free gelato at the local Inspired Home & Garden Expo of Paso Robles. 

“The entire A.M. Sun Solar team was very pleasant and professional,” said Bill. “Anytime I’m satisfied with a company, I’m always happy to pass the word along about the great things they do. That’s how I feel with A.M. Sun Solar.”

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