Tori Poppenheimer: A Long Time Customer and Solar Supporter

“Going solar makes absolute financial sense, so why wouldn’t you do it if you had the financial ability to do so?” – Tori Poppenheimer, engineer and SLO Climate Coalition member.

Cambria, CA — A Principal engineer for Opticsol, Author at the Ecologist, and a member of the SLO Climate Coalition, Tori Poppenheimer is an active member of her community and was an early adapter in making the change to solar. With her knowledge in the electrical equipment field and core beliefs about the quality of the environment, she said going solar has always made sense.

After attending the Central Coast Bioneers Conference in 2012, the Poppenheimers quickly realized that solar was exactly how they wanted to invest their savings.  During a Green Home Tour, they visited the home of San Luis Obispo architect and green building expert, Stacey White. After viewing Stacey’s home, which was equipped with a rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system by A.M. Sun Solar, It only took that coming weekend and additional research to decide that they wanted A.M. Sun Solar to install their own rooftop PV system.

“To be able to get free electricity in six years for an investment that I never had to really lose money on was great. Instead, we were able to invest it back into our house, which has significantly increased the value of our home.”

During the installation process, Tori and her spouse realized that their roof needed to be replaced before the PV installation. Tori reflects on the multiple projects going on around her home during that time with the positive memory of her interaction with A.M. Sun Solar, “Cory worked with the other contractors really well and was clean, handy, and made sure to go through all of the safety protocols. We really appreciated everything they did.”

The Poppenheimers were one of the first people to work with A.M. Sun Solar when the company was still in its beginning stages, and Tori feels that they “handled all aspects of the project very professionally. Each member of the team was excellent at what they did.” The installation was complete in less than a week, and over the next few days, Tori and her spouse were ready to turn on their PV system.

“Even though it has been eight years since we had the PV system installed, I have never felt the need to replace them. They are still working in great condition!” 

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