Kennedy Club Fitness Celebrates its Solar Successes

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA — Kennedy Club Fitness is celebrating its second year with their solar system installation at two of their four locations in San Luis Obispo County, California. This year, CEO Kevin Kennedy says he has been nothing short of satisfied with the performance of his new commercial solar panels.

“Once I got solar, I was saving close to $1,500 a month,” said Kennedy. With his 39th year as a business owner, cutting costs has always been one of his top priorities. “We went on a loan payment plan that ended up costing less than the bills I was paying to PG&E…about $2,000 a month less,” he said. 

Kennedy also mentions that he has been considering going solar because of its environmental benefits. As the owner of his four locations throughout the county, he was pleased to know that he would be significantly reducing his carbon footprint with clean, renewable energy.

“When it came down to getting solar, I knew it was time to make the change,” said Kennedy. 

“When it came down to getting solar, I knew it was time to make the change.” 

Kevin Kennedy – CEO of Kennedy Club Fitness

In addition to the financial and environmental benefits, Kennedy said that A.M. Sun Solar’s customer service has always been the utmost highest. “I have always been impressed with A.M. Sun Solar. They say what they’re going to do and do what they’re going to say,” said Kennedy.

One thing in particular that stood out to Kennedy was A.M. Sun Solar’s ability to go above and beyond; this project wasn’t just about installing solar. It was about customizing every part of the project to ensure the team and customers of Kennedy Club Fitness were happy.

“We’ve always had a problem with leaks on our roof,” said Kevin Kennedy. “When A.M. Sun Solar started the project, they told me they’d seal all the leaks on the roof so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. Even ‘till this day, they’ll fix any minor leaks.”

In the Summer of 2018, A.M. Sun Solar and Kennedy Club Fitness celebrated the completion of two expansive solar projects, yielding large savings in both money and energy. “Solar sales and installations on the Central Coast are providing jobs, growing the local economy and are helping to protect our environment,” said A.M. Sun Solar CEO, Glen Covert.

As the highest rated solar company on the Central Coast, A.M. Sun Solar is proud to provide solar for not only farms and residences, but local businesses too. For more information, please visit or call (805) 772-6786 for more information.

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