Holiday Inn Express Chooses A.M. Sun Solar

Thank you to the Holiday Inn Express for choosing A.M. Sun Solar to install their solar energy system. They had the option to choose a national solar company, but chose A.M. Sun Solar to support local business and help the local economy thrive. 

In an interview with the Owner and Operator of the Holiday Inn Express, Amar Sohi, he expressed he chose A.M. Sun Solar because of the cost and quality of the product.  A.M Sun Solar was able to offer a custom solar solution that competitors could not provide for his business.  A.M Sun Solar also provided a top-of-the-line customer experience that exceeded his expectations. The team was able to help navigate design, installation and rebate programs flawlessly. Since installation, Amar has seen savings on overall energy and money on expenses.  He also noted that customers are happy with the reduced carbon footprint. Thank you again for supporting local, Amar!

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