A.M. Sun Solar & Roofing Powers Tobin James Cellars with Custom Solar System

With costs rising because of inflation, Paso Robles winery Tobin James Cellars has taken steps to minimize their production costs by installing a custom solar system at their acclaimed tasting room. 

By producing their own clean energy, Tobin James Cellars has become a beacon of sustainability in the local wine industry. The custom system created by A.M. Sun Solar & Roofing seamlessly integrates with their operations, providing a reliable source of power for their wine production, cellars, and tasting rooms. 

“Obviously everyone wants to save on bills. There’s a lot, a lot of electricity that goes into making wine. Not so much when it’s sleeping in barrels, but making it,” co-owner and co-winemaker Claire Silver said. “Wanted to be self-sufficient and greener, but [going solar] seemed so prohibitive. We didn’t think we’d ever be able to do it, but we finally were and we’re very happy with it!”

Claire and her husband (and co-owner/co-winemaker), Lance, reached out to A.M. Sun Solar & Roofing about creating a custom solar solution for the winery after having a positive experience adding more panels to their home.

“They were always very attentive and they were very clean on the job so we wanted to give them a shot on our big job, which was the winery,” Claire said. “A.M. Sun also uses quality materials, and they’re not a fly-by-night company; they’re from Paso Robles and we wanted to support local.”

The Silvers worked with Commercial Solar Consultant Adam Scorby to design a custom system to meet the winery’s needs. Hidden on the tasting room roof, the 250kw system features 453 panels.

They wanted to make sure the system would generate the energy needed without compromising the tasting room’s unique aesthetic and ambiance.

“We consider that our living room. When you taste wine here, you’re coming to our home,” Claire said. “And everyone on our team and our customers are part of our family. Hospitality means everything to us.”

In addition to going solar, Tobin James has a bioreactor for reclaiming all of the winery wastewater to rinse barrels and tanks and water their vineyard. All of their bottles and packaging are also made from lightweight, recycled materials.

“Sustainability is very important to us,” Claire said, adding that A.M. Sun Solar & Roofing “has been great at holding our hands throughout the installation process.”

The Benefits of Choosing A.M. Sun Solar & Roofing

Custom systems: We tailor solar solutions to each business’s specific requirements, taking into account your energy consumption patterns, available roof space, and budget to design and install a solar system that maximizes efficiency and delivers optimal results.

Significant cost savings: Going solar can significantly reduce your business’s energy bills, freeing up money that can be reinvested in other areas.

Peace of mind: Solar energy provides a more stable and predictable source of power, mitigating the risks associated with fluctuating energy costs and natural disasters.

Excellent Customer Service: In addition to superior craftsmanship, we also provide exceptional customer service. Our team of knowledgeable professionals guides clients through every step of the process, from initial consultation to system maintenance. With our dedication to client satisfaction, you can rest assured that your custom solar system will be installed and operated seamlessly.

Sustainability: Adopting renewable energy solutions demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. In an era where consumers increasingly value eco-friendly practices, businesses that prioritize renewable energy stand out as leaders in their respective industries.

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