Solar: Providing Certainty During Uncertain Times

In these times that feel so uncertain with stock market drops, power outages, increasing energy bills and other financial concerns: solar energy is a positive and secure solution, providing homeowners comfort and peace of mind. The good news is that homeowners can choose solar over high utility charges because solar is proven to reduce or eliminate electric bills.

Why choose solar now?

The sun is a resource you already have and that you can use today to cut your energy costs. In California, living expenses are increasing everywhere which is why it is more important now to make smart choices for your family’s future.
In many ways, your solar power system is a financial product — like a stock or bond — because solar can generate annual returns ranging anywhere from 10 percent to more than 30 percent. The average solar system pays itself off around five years, saves more as the utility prices increase and provides returns over the rest of the 25+ year lifespan of the system.

Solar provides a strong financial foundation

Banks will not loan money to people wanting to buy stocks, but here’s the good news: banks give loans for solar installments because they know solar provides savings and secure investments. With many zero out-of-pocket solutions, homeowners can have peace-of-mind knowing their cash savings can increase by cutting their monthly utility bill by more than what they paid for solar. It’s a win-win!

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