Robert Hall Winery Harnesses the Power of the Sun!

AM Sun Solar Helps Robert Hall Winery Harness the Sun to Make Sustainable, Award-Winning Wine! A small-business visionary, Robert Hall had a life-long passion for wine and the winery lifestyle. Creating wines of the highest quality is Robert Hall Winery’s promise—each bottle is made by hand with a simple goal: enjoying “The Good Life. Well-Earned™”

As a leader in the wine industry, Robert Hall Winery has also committed itself to become a fully sustainable operation. The winery is part of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance and has created a certification program for its growers. 

Adding a solar system to the facility was a significant component of the winery’s Sustainability Initiative. When it came to selecting a company for the installation, the team at Robert Hall knew they wanted to work with a local business that is equally passionate about the Central Coast.

“What made us choose A.M. Sun Solar is that they had an amazing proposal, they had great customer representation, great people, and we just felt confident about their ability to deliver the job—it was a big install,” Managing Director Caine Thompson said. “And we loved their professionalism; they showed up on time and delivered an incredible product, on time and on budget as well. We’re really pleased with what we got from A.M. Sun Solar.” 

Since being installed in October 2021, Robert Hall Winery’s 255.85-KW solar system has produced:

  • Energy offset 78%  
  • Return on Investment: $100,000+ ($5,788,359 in savings over 30 years)
  • Annual production of 386,327kwhs

Based on those statistics, the estimated payback period for the project is just 1.9 years. 

“Some of the savings have been significant. We were amazed by how quick the payback period was. We’re talking just a few years for a complete payback of the system so it’s pretty impressive,” Thompson said.

Now is the time to go solar!

Changes are on the way for Net Energy Metering (NEM), which will have a huge impact on the solar industry in California and anyone who wants to install solar panels on their business or home. Anyone considering installing solar should act quickly and install as soon as possible.

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