PG&E monthly bills are increasing again. Here’s why.

Effective March 1, PG&E monthly gas and electric bills have increased its rates between 2.8 and 3.7 percent in an effort to reduce wildfire risk, according to a recent PG&E announcement from Vice President Robert Kenney. 

On March 1, 2021, the average residential customer experienced a monthly energy bill increase of approximately $8.73 (including a $5.01 increase for electric service and $3.72 increase for gas service), or 4.6 percent, according to PG&E’s Marketing and Communications Representative Mark Mesesan. This increase is a part of their General Rate Case (GRC), which pays for nearly 50 percent of PG&E’s annual costs, and was approved by the state Public Utilities Commission in December 2020. 

For comparison’s sake, the typical bundled Non-CARE residential customer who uses 500 kWh in a month may see an average monthly bill increase $5.01 from $133.84 to $138.85.

Ways Homeowners Can Take Control of Their Electric Bill

One of the ways homeowners can take back control of their utility bill is to install solar panels on their home. Rather than being surprised by unexpected rate increases from PG&E, homeowners can expect the same bill every month with solar.
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