How Weather Impacts San Luis Obispo County Homes

In San Luis Obispo County, especially during the summer and fall when the sun’s rays are the strongest, excessive exposure from the sun impacts your home more than anything else. The intense ultraviolet rays and heat can crack, warp, and bleach asphalt shingles and other roofing materials.

“Wear and tear from the sun beats up your roof,” said Mark Miller, partner and co-founder of A.M. Sun Solar & Roofing. “The sun is our biggest enemy to wearing out roofs!”

Constant exposure to radiation from the sun can dry out your roof and cause shingles to crack. Being cooked under the hot sun year after year will make a roof brittle. 

It’s a good idea to have roofing professionals like ours at A.M. Sun Solar & Roofing come to  inspect your roof on a regular basis.

“It’s helpful to have someone actually take a look at it and touch it and feel the decking,” Miller said. “We walk around and feel soft spots on the roof—that’s a sign that there might be some dry-rot.”

A crumbling or decaying roof will leave your home open to the elements like rain, which can cause even more damage to your house.

Newer roofing materials are more resistant to UV rays and are a wise choice when installing a new roof.

On the Central Coast, we don’t usually worry about ice, snow, or hail, but we do see rain in the winter months. Make sure your roof is in good shape and properly sealed in the fall, before the winter rains begin.

Wind is another weather factor to consider in San Luis Obispo County. High winds from a storm can loosen shingles. Trees can also blow debris onto rooftops. You’d be surprised how much damage that can cause.

“Sometimes people have trees that fall on their roof; branches rub on it,” Miller said.

The experts at A.M. Sun Solar & Roofing are trained to be able to detect even the smallest wind or sun damage.

On the flipside, when a roof is covered by shade and extensive moisture, moss can be a concern.

“Moss deteriorates roofs,” Miller added. Moss growing on your roof can degrade just about any roofing material. It can lift up shingles allowing water to seep in, which can eventually cause mold to grow and rot to occur. 

Advice: Prune nearby trees so that sunlight reaches your roof, which will help prevent moss from growing.

Read more about how to prevent common roof damage and how A.M. Sun Solar & Roofing uses drones to get an overall look at the problem before they scale a ladder to the roof.

It is possible to extend the lifespan of your roof by knowing what causes roof damage, taking a proactive approach to maintaining your roof, and by having a roofing expert such as A.M Sun Solar & Roofing inspect your roof on a regular basis. Turn to us for high-quality, asphalt shingle roofing in San Luis Obispo County.

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