Kennedy Club Fitness San Luis Obispo Location Gets It’s Electric Bill In Shape

Kennedy Club Fitness San Luis Obispo Chooses A.M. Sun Solar For Their Business


ATASCADERO, CA – Local solar installation company, A.M. Sun Solar, announced today that construction will begin on the Kennedy Club Fitness solar project in San Luis Obispo in April of 2017. This will be a 300 kW project using over 900 solar panels on the roof of the club, combined with two raised parking structures that will provide shade for the vehicles of Kennedy Club Fitness members.


“I think we are as excited about this project as Kevin and Barb Kennedy are”, says Glen Covert, A.M. Sun Solar’s Director of Sales. “Not only will the club save thousands of dollars every month, but they are setting an example as business leaders in our community by choosing to go solar.”


Once the installation project is complete, the solar arrays will offset 95% of the club’s total energy usage, producing approximately 520,000 kWh a year.


“When A.M. Sun Solar told me what these solar panels could save us at a single location, I was sold,” says Kevin Kennedy, “With the government incentives currently being offered, Barb and I knew we couldn’t wait any longer.”


“While there may be some minor inconveniences to our members during construction, our SLO members are especially environmentally conscious and I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about the shaded parking structure, too.” Says, Brett Weaver, General Manager of Kennedy Club Fitness San Luis Obispo.


The nearly 17,000 members at Kennedy Club Fitness will now be able to heat up and cool down inside the San Luis Obispo facility with all its exercise equipment, pool, televisions and A/C units, while the 20,000 square-feet of solar panels work to offset the club’s bill and add electricity to the local power grid.


“We love providing solar for local businesses, farms and residences.” says Covert. “Solar sales and installations on the Central Coast are providing jobs, growing the local economy and are helping to protect our environment.”


The energy offset for the 50,000 square-foot Kennedy Club Fitness facility will be the equivalent of cutting greenhouse gas emissions from over 850,000 miles driven by an average commuter, or the energy usage of approximately 40 homes here in San Luis Obispo county each year.


“Over the years, the Kennedy’s have definitely left their mark on the community in such a positive way. We’re very honored to help them not leave a mark on the local environment, starting this summer,” says Covert.




Debra Leonard Albert
Membership & Marketing Manager
(805) 239-8488 ext: 20
500 S. River Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446


Brian Potter
Marketing Director
A.M. Sun Solar
(805) 772-6786
8793 Plata Ln, Suite A, Atascadero, CA 93422

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