Customizing a Solar Solution Tailored to You

Your life doesn’t fit in a box, so why would your solar solution? At A.M. Sun Solar, we create solar systems that are customized to meet your energy needs. By designing each system to your needs, your system is guaranteed to be the right solution at a great price. 

A.M. Sun Solar can customize many systems to meet your needs. Here are some examples of solutions we came up with:

Solutions to fix your roof.

Many clients need new roofs but don’t have the cash to pay for them – Solar is a win-win. Eliminate electric bills but also offer great financing solutions to get the roof completed as well.

Staying within your budget.

A client wanted a personal gym, had a high electric bill, and unsafe electrical infrastructure. Our team built him a raised structure (property tax-exempt), updated all his electrical, eliminated his PG&E bill, and offered great financing to cover all of it while staying under budget. 

Customizing the look of your system.

A client wanted solar but didn’t like the way they looked in the front of their house – we offered her all-black equipment to match her black asphalt roof and she couldn’t be happier. 

Working with greenery.

One client really wanted solar but had a lot of shade. We provided them with a detailed shade analysis and guided them on exactly what to trim for optimum production. 

Getting creative.

A client wanted an RV parking structure and didn’t want to trench through the yard. We were able to use the existing conduit/trench from a previous project and give her a tax-free property structure. 

Keeping systems out of sight.

One client wanted a ground mount but didn’t want to see a trench path through their property and ruin their view from their porch. We were able to tie into their electrical, avoiding a trench. We also personally walked down their hill on their property to ensure the solar panels’ location wouldn’t be visible from the porch.

Working with special requests.

A client was remodeling their house and wanted minimal — if not zero — penetrations in his new standing seam roof. We were able to use specialized clamps (S5’s) and a single penetration to hide all visible conduits for a seamless, black look for his perfect new home. We also advised the client on how to avoid the aggregation of adding in all-new electrical and helped him to save money on monthly PG&E fees for many years to come. 

To see if we have a solar solution that can meet your needs, give us a call today at 805-254-7227 or fill out the form below, and we can see which solar solution can best be tailored to you.

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