How to read your projected PG&E bill

With the summer temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees each day, you may be wondering how to track your PG&E bill and energy usage. With a few simple steps, you will be able to monitor your usage and see what your projected bill will be.


PG&E clients have access to their billing through an online portal. You can also choose to go paperless and receive your bills via email to save on paper! If you go to you can sign up for a free account or if you have an existing account, you can login to view your billing data.

Here are the steps to view your projected PG&E bill:


Step 1 – In your main account page, click on the Energy Usage Details button.


You will be taken to the Energy Usage Details page and from there you select the drop down menu on the top right and click on: Projected Bill


From here you can see what you owe so far in your billing cycle and the estimated electric charges from that month’s billing period.


If you click on See details (the light blue text below your estimated charges) it will bring up a pop up window showing what you paid this time last year, what you owe so far, and what the projected remainder will be.



This year alone, PG&E’s rates have risen twice and are projected by PG&E to raise once again in a month or so. If you cross compare your kWh’s used this time last year vs. what  you used this year, you will see if your usage is the same, that your bill still has gone up. This is because of rate hikes that occur multiple times a year and show no signs of stopping.


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