What Is Peak Day Pricing?

Peak Day Pricing Today

You may have gotten an alert from PG&E about Peak Day pricing today and wondered what it was. With the Peak Day Pricing plan customers will be charged more during peak periods of Peak Day Pricing Event Days. You will get a notification the day before asking you to reduce your energy usage between certain times of the day. During those hours you will be charged more for energy usages. Unless you have solar, your bill can go through the roof during these times. With a renewable energy solar system you can feel free to use energy during those times and keep your home cool, pool running and feel comfortable all year.

This Peak Day Pricing can go on for as long as 15 days! That means you might pay really high rates for half the month. With the temperatures we’ve seen lately, can you afford to not cool down your home or business for half a month?

If you don’t have solar for your home or business, here are a few tips to help you save energy:

• Charge batteries and battery-operated equipment prior to peak hours.
• Reschedule energy-intensive activities.
• Adjust your thermostat upwards by a few degrees.
• Turn off lighting and equipment not currently in use.

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