How much energy do Christmas lights use?

Christmas Lights

Ah, Christmas! The most wonderful time of the year. As the temperature drops and radio stations change their music, you may find yourself looking at a stack of boxes filled with Christmas decorations you brought down from the attic in a Thanksgiving daze. Before you set everything up, let’s take a look at how much Christmas decorations cost you in electricity.

Types of Christmas Lights

You’ll find Christmas lights in four varieties: C7, C9, incandescent (mini lights) and LED. Let’s see how they stack up.


To keep things easy, we’ll assume each strand has 100 lights and electricity is $0.16 per kWh:

C7 Bulb

C7 Christmas Bulb

5 W per bulb = .5 kW
$0.08 per hour

C9 Bulb

C7 Christmas Bulb

7 W per bulb = .5 kW
$0.11 per hour

Mini Lights

Mini Christmas Lights

.45 W per bulb = .045 kW
$0.0072 per hour

LED Lights

LED Christmas Lights

.65 W per bulb = .065 kW
$0.01 per hour

So, for a typical setup of 1 wreath, 1 garland, 10 strings of lights and 2 outdoor decorations would cost around:
$10.78 for incandescent lights or $1.63 for LED lights a month.


We know that you may go full on Griswold for Christmas, so you can use this handy online calculator to calculate your Christmas decoration plan.


We hope you enjoy decorating your home for Christmas. If you find yourself thinking about the cost of electricity for decorating this Christmas, you might want to consider going solar to eliminate your electric bill. Get your free proposal and start saving today.


Merry Christmas!


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