Does Solar Work in Foggy Weather?

Does solar work in foggy weather


When you wake up in the morning on the central coast and see thick fog covering your neighborhood you might wonder if your solar will be generating energy that day. The good news is, even with foggy weather your solar system will still be collecting power. How is this possible? The answer is Ultra Violet light is all that’s needed. Your solar panels work fine in ambient light and will produce significant energy in the fog or on overcast days. The solar electric system’s power output is relative to the “depth” of the cloud cover and how much light gets in, but typical coastal fog only reduces solar power output by 50%. Winter storm clouds will cause substantially greater reduction but the system will still produce energy.


So even if you’re not waking up to the power of a clear day and full sun, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of solar.


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Photo by Colin Poellot:

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