A.M. Sun Solar helps North County Recycling GO GREEN!

Locally owned businesses are the backbone of our community.

Locally owned businesses are the backbone of our community. They provide meaningful services and jobs, and help our economy thrive. Since 2011, A.M. Sun Solar has been dedicated to creating solar solutions that help other local businesses prosper.

Recently, we worked with North County Recycling to install a 1,255-panel solar system at the company’s center in Paso Robles. Owned by Brad and Maribel Goodrow, North County Recycling is the premier construction and demolition recycling facility in North San Luis Obispo County. They also offer curbside recycling, composting, and green waste programs. Their main goal is to promote the quality of life enjoyed here on the Central Coast.

“We are always working on our infrastructure and how to better it and working on our carbon footprint,” Brad said.

So installing solar was a natural fit. Together we developed a plan uniquely tailored to North County Recycling’s needs, which included allowing the company to install some of the equipment themselves to cut down on costs.

The 471-kilowatt system now generates the equivalent of:
-562,475,598 Gallons of gasoline consumed. 
-5,530,630,617 Pounds of coal burned. 
-12,407,852,160 Miles driven by an average gasoline-powered vehicle. 
-491,033,461 Gallons of diesel consumed
-1,729,660 Tons of waste recycled.
-250,095 Garbage trucks of waste recycled. 

“That’s an amazing amount of help to the environment,” Maribel said.

Check out this video to hear more about why Brad and Maribel decided to go with A.M. Sun Solar over other companies.

“It worked out really well,” Brad said. “They were really good partners in putting it together.”

Now is the time to go solar

Changes are on the way for Net Energy Metering (NEM), which will have a huge impact on the solar industry in California and anyone who wants to install solar panels on their business or home. Anyone considering installing solar should act quickly and install as soon as possible.

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