What to Know About PG&E Net Metering

As we continue our mission to power our Central Coast community by the sun, we want to make sure homeowners have the information needed to make the smart decision to go solar. PG&E Net Energy Metering is constantly changing and is crucial to understand before going solar. Net metering (NEM) allows solar customers to send solar energy to the grid when their solar system is producing more energy than their home needs at any given time. Solar customers can then pull energy from the grid when needed. PG&E’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) program’s main aim is to reduce your monthly electric bill by effectively utilizing the energy generated by your solar energy system. A special net meter measures the difference between the amount of electricity your system generates throughout the month and the amount of electricity PG&E supplies and bills you appropriately. Essentially, Net metering allows you to be accurately compensated for the energy that you’re adding to our community’s energy grid. 

Where to look for NEM on your PG&E Bill

Customers in the NEM program are automatically placed on a 12-month PG&E billing cycle.

Each month, your PG&E Energy Statement shows the amount due for that billing period with a summary of your year-to-date solar charges and credits and how you are tracking towards True-Up. After 12 months, you’ll receive the final statement of your billing cycle, the True-Up Statement. This statement provides your Net Energy Metering charges and savings over the entire year and shows any final balance due.

The great news for A.M. Sun Solar customers: no matter when you use the energy, you’re going to save big by going solar!

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