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PG&E Bill Increasing? Get solar today.

PG&E customers continue to see rising rates in California

Electricity prices are continuing to increase in California, and it’s not looking like that will change anytime soon. With a consistent increase of about 3% each year over the past decade, it has left many people wondering what they can do to make their bills more predictable. Luckily, there is the option to produce your own energy with solar panels removing unnecessary cost fluctuations and giving you back control. 

“After March 1, the average monthly PG&E residential gas and electric bill will increase by $8.73 a month. That increase includes $5.01 to support additional electric improvement work and $3.72 for gas. For comparison’s sake, in January 2021, the average monthly PG&E gas and electric bill was $188.22. After March 1, it will be $196.95.” – PG&E

Solar not only gives you more predictability, but it will significantly save you money over the lifetime of the system. The average 6 kW solar panel system in the United States will save you about $1,500 on your electricity bills annually. Generating your own energy with a rooftop PV system, locks in energy costs at a constant rate so that you no longer have to consider variable utility rates. In California, you can expect to see a 20-year savings of around $40,673 with an average 6kW solar system. 

With multiple financing options, making the switch to solar is more feasible than ever. Most solar financing options require no money down and reduce your monthly expenses starting the day of installation. If you have questions about affording solar energy, give us a call at 805-457-4053

With rising electricity prices creating unpredictability, going solar is a great choice for many reasons.

  • Predictable costs 
  • Lower electric bill
  • No surprise price fluctuations or increases

If rising electricity bills have you considering making the switch to solar, contact us today by emailing hello@amsunsolar.com or call us at 805-549-4008 to see how we can help you create a customized solar solution.

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