Important Message Regarding Time of Use Rates

One small change from PG&E could mean even bigger changes to the solar world. This Wednesday the 23rd California Public Utilities Commission will be making their final decision and may remove the option for customers to switch to a “Time of Use” rate. If you already operate under this rate (E6 or A6) you will not be affected however if you are looking to switch rates you must do so before July 23rd if the ruling goes through.

Why does “Time of Use” affect solar customers so greatly? The TOU plan allows customers to sell back their power at a higher rate during the peak periods than the typical Tier plan. With some planning ahead customers can use their power at off peak times and sell it during peak hours, banking more credit than if they were on the Tier plan. Because everyone’s electricity usage is different the TOU will not necessarily benefit everyone.

Again, if you are already a “Time of Use” customer you will not be affected, however, we strongly recommend checking your PG&E statement to make sure that you are on the correct rate plan. If you would like to switch to TOU call PG&E to make any changes before Wednesday. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at (805) 772-6786.