If You Have Been Told A.M. Sun Solar Is Going Out Of Business, This Is The Truth You Need To Know

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“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” joked Mark Twain when asked about a newspaper that printed his obituary.” A.M. Sun Solar has something similar to report.


Unfortunately, we have heard some exaggerated reports about A.M. Sun Solar. We’re here to tell you: The reports of our bankruptcy are greatly exaggerated.


Here are the facts about A.M. Sun Solar:


A.M. Sun Solar has never filed bankruptcy

The bankruptcy article that is being referred to by our competitors was written back in 2013 and is a report on the personal financial hardship one of our partners went through. His personal story is no different than tens of thousands of individuals and businesses who struggled during the Great Recession.


Anyone who has been through financial difficulties knows how hard it can be. Mark is a husband and father of two children, and it was difficult for him to talk about his struggles, and even more difficult to have a newspaper pick his story out of the hundreds that were happening every day. However, with all the slanderous information out there, we as a company asked his permission to share the truth, which he graciously agreed to do. Mark’s story is one of overcoming difficulties and rising above the obstacles that life throws at us.


Like so many others in California, Mark worked hard to come back from the recession and re-joined the company as a partner in 2015. The truth is that A.M. Sun Solar has never filed bankruptcy and has been cash flow positive since Cory Howe founded the company in 2011.


A.M. Sun Solar’s business is thriving

When A.M. Sun Solar started in 2012 we had about 6 employees operating out of an office in Atascadero. In 2016, A.M. Sun Solar was number 712 on the Inc. 5000 “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies”, making us in the top 1% of the fastest growing companies in the nation. Again, in 2017, Inc. 5000 named A.M. Sun Solar, number 728 on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list and the #1 solar company on the Central Coast.


Today we are nearly 50 local employees strong, operating out of a 10,000 square foot facility in Paso Robles, and are looking for even more solar installers, so send ‘em our way! We aren’t going anywhere and look forward to serving the Central Coast for many decades to come. You can read more about our growth here: https://amsunsolar.com/solar-blog/press-releases/



Paso Robles Solar Company AM Sun Solar Company Photo

A.M. Sun Solar Staff – 2017


All of this happened years ago, and frankly it’s unfortunate that our competitors are lying to people who are interested in enjoying the benefits of solar to gain a competitive advantage. It’s not how A.M. Sun Solar does business, and it’s not fair to anyone who is making such an important decision about an investment with solar.


We are thankful to have been in business as long as we have and to have created jobs that support families on the Central Coast. We are helping protect this beautiful area we live in and saving our clients money by installing solar that produces clean, renewable energy. Our focus continues to be ensuring our customers love their experience going solar before, during and long after their system is turned on.


So if you hear something about the collapse of A.M. Sun Solar, remember the words of our friend Mark Twain about exaggeration and misinformation. Then maybe go online and check out our awesome customer reviews; you’ll be glad you did!

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