How Does Net Metering Work?

Our solar consultants are some of the brightest guys in the solar field and they consistently get asked the same questions in their first meetings with new clients: How does solar work when it’s dark out and what happens when my house produces more power than we use. That’s where NEM (net energy metering) comes into play.

A.M. Sun Solar customers who are tied to PG&E’s are able to store their excess power their system created on the grid. During the day when their panels are running, the power created is first used to power the home (lights, electronics, well, appliances, etc.). The Excess power produced is then pushed back onto the grid and sold to PG&E at retail price, causing their meter to literally run backwards.

At night when the sun is down and the solar panels are sleeping, they are not producing power for the home (or business). To run electronic items and lights, customers “buy back” the electricity they produced from the power company.

With net metering, customers are only responsible for the net energy used each month (the difference between the energy produced by the solar power system and the energy consumed by the house over the monthly billing period.

To find out how net energy metering can work for your home or business contact one of our solar pros at (805) 772-6786.