How Can I Tell If My House is Suitable for Solar Panels?

Installing solar on your home has many benefits. Solar can significantly reduce or eliminate your utility bill. Solar provides security during natural disasters. It also reduces your carbon footprint. If you’re in the market for a solar system, you probably have some important questions. A big one we get at A.M. Sun Solar: Is my home a good location for solar? Here are some key things to consider.

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  1. Best locations for solar

As the leading solar provider in San Luis Obispo County, A.M. Sun Solar has installed systems on all kinds of roofs. We also install systems on the ground or make raised solar mounting structures. This is often a good solution for our customers who have more open space on their property. If you do want your system on the roof, panels work best on strong, sturdy materials like metal, concrete tile, or synthetic shingles. We can install panels on roofs made with other materials. Our team will discuss your options with you before starting the project.

  1. Plan for the future

Solar panels can last for multiple decades, so we recommend replacing old, worn roofs before installing them. That way you won’t have to remove and reinstall your solar panels at another date. Not interested in a new roof? Our solar experts can help develop a custom ground system to meet your needs.

  1. Consider how much sunlight your property gets

We are very fortunate to live in California, where the sun shines the majority of the year. But there are regions that get more sunlight than others. Is it often cloudy where you live? Are there any trees or structures on your property that block sunlight for long periods of time? This will likely reduce the amount of time your panels are working at full efficiency. The good news is that solar panels can still work when it’s cloudy or raining outside. We can also angle your panels to get the most sunlight possible. Our solar experts can conduct a free home energy evaluation to find the right solar solutions for you!

  1. Do I use enough energy to warrant going solar? 

The short answer: Yes, absolutely! We believe there’s a cost-saving solar solution for all residences. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to solar. We take into account your energy needs. How much sunlight does your house or business get? What size solar panels will you need based on your roof type and structure? What’s your budget? Then we will recommend the best solar product for you. Here are some tips for determining how many solar panels you’ll need to offset your PG&E bill.

More about A.M. Sun Solar

A.M. Sun Solar is the local leader in custom solar solutions and installations on the Central Coast. For over 15 years, A.M. Sun Solar has provided high-quality, cost-efficient solar energy to residences and small businesses in San Luis Obispo, Monterey, and Santa Barbara counties. With a wide variety of financing solutions available, affordable pricing, custom solutions, and complete installations from permit to interconnection, A.M. Sun Solar is the go-to local solar company on the Central Coast.

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