Local Non-Profit Founders Make the Change with A.M. Sun Solar

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA — Jack’s Helping Hand, a non-profit organization based out of San Luis Obispo, CA, was founded by Paul and Bridget Ready in memory of their son Jack, whose three-year struggle with a rare form of brain cancer ended in 2004.

Today, Jack’s Helping Hand assists children in the community with cancer and special needs, a vital community program that A.M. Sun Solar aims to support through their annual partnership. In 2019, A.M. Sun Solar donated $20,000 to Jack’s Helping Hand. This year, A.M. Sun Solar plans to uphold this annual commitment.

The A.M. Sun Solar and Jack’s Helping Hand partnership is a personal one. Jack’s Helping Hand continues to support one of A.M. Sun Solar’s employees, Adam Scorby and his son Calin, who was diagnosed in utero with a rare genetic disorder called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. 

The close connection between A.M. Sun Solar and Jack’s Helping Hand continues to thrive as supporting the community is number one priority for both organizations. 

Throughout the month of August 2020, A.M. Sun Solar commits to donate a portion of all residential solar energy system sales towards Jack’s Helping Hand.*

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The Ready’s Get Solar

In 2019, Paul and Bridget Ready decided to make the change with A.M. Sun Solar by getting solar installed on their home. Their representatives, Adam and Keith Scorby, helped make their decision to get solar come true.

Between the kids grown up, moved out of the house, and graduated from college, Paul and Bridget Ready felt that it was time to get solar.

“We knew solar was something we wanted,” said Bridget Ready. “10 years ago, we were working on paying our kid’s college tuition. Today, they’re all grown up. Getting solar just made sense.”

The Ready’s also mentioned other reasons why they felt getting solar was a smart decision. “Electric bill prices just don’t go down,” said Paul Ready. “With solar, not only does our electric bill decrease, but we get to benefit from the solar tax credit and have peace of mind during power outages.”

As a proud partner with A.M. Sun Solar, the Ready’s believe that getting solar with A.M. Sun Solar not only benefits homeowners, but the community as well. 

“As Founders of Jack’s Helping Hand, we are honored to serve and help our community, and we’re honored that A.M. Sun Solar has that same mission.”

To learn more about helping families and critically ill children in our community or about making the change with solar, connect with the team at A.M. Sun Solar today.

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