Another Rate Hike From PG&E Starts March 1st

Average residential rates increase by 1.8 percent


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California – PG&E customers will see an increase in their electric bills after the utility received approval for a rate hike on March 1.

“Average electric rates will slightly increase by 1.8 percent.”, said a PG&E spokesperson in a prepared statement, “The net effect of these changes could mean modest decreases or increases to residential customer bills depending on electric use.”

Here is what some residents are saying about the rate hike:


“It’s something I pay attention to”, said customer Virginia Igo, “I’m retired and I’m on a fixed income, so every little increase can make a big difference.”


“It’s just like anything else, you just roll with it”, said customer Bobby Duran, “just like our gas prices, it just seems like that’s California for you, everything seems to be going up and up.”


“Kind of got us over a barrel”, said customer Kent Hill, “I have noticed it’s increased, every time I look at my bill I wonder who’s using my electricity?”



PG&E says rates for average commercial customers will increase by approximately 3.8 percent, while average agricultural rates will increase by 2.8 percent. Taking a glance at the average PG&E bill shows customers are paying more for electricity, nearly 19 percent more since 2015. The reason for this the power company says is driven primarily by higher transmission rates and a lower forecast load for 2018.


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