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Choose Solar For
Savings, Sound
Investment And
Peace Of Mind

Choose Solar For Savings, Sound Investment, & Peace Of Mind

When you invest in a solar energy system for your home, you are not only saving money, you are building a secure future for your family and your finances.

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Solar Protects You from Rising PG&E Costs
and Saves You Tens of Thousands of Dollars

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The cost of electricity increases an average of 5% every year. A solar energy system from A.M. Sun Solar will lock in your electricity cost, and give you the freedom to own your own power.
With an average of 5 years to pay off a solar energy system, you can totally eliminate paying for electricity, increase the value of your home without increasing taxes, and get your 30% tax credit.
The current cost of electricity is as high as 40 cents/kWh, while solar only costs around 4 cents/kWh. With solar, you are not only making a smart decision that lowers your electricity costs, your system will save you tens of thousands over it’s lifetime.

A.M. Sun Solar Customers are Happy Customers

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Neither SolarCity, nor Solarponics have a way to deal with Spanish tile. They both told me to hire a roofer to prepare the roof and they’d inspect it and hopefully approve it. A.M. Sun Solar did a beautiful job. Awesome guys and no trash left!Yule | Atascadero
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The salesperson was no pressure and very informative. The installation was painless, professional and clean. The final cost was exactly as quoted. We would recommend A.M. Sun Solar without hesitation!Tim | Los Osos
I never write reviews. But I’m happy to report how happy I’ve been with A.M. Sun Solar – and that they were a much better deal than the competition. I particularly enjoyed working with my salesman and the installation crew.
I was very picky on the equipment I wanted here, and had even started to plan on doing the whole install myself. In the end, A.M. Sun Solar delivered MORE than they promised. The system has run flawlessly on my house ever since and it’s great to watch the meter run backwards. Thank you thank you thank you. Go with this local company and you won’t be disappointed.Pat | San Luis Obispo
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A.M. Sun Solar is your local solar expert on the Central Coast

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A.M. Sun Solar’s headquarters are in Paso Robles and we have helped Central Coast residents stop rising electricity costs, save money and protect the beautiful place we call home.


As the leader in customer service and solar installation on the Central Coast, you can trust A.M. Sun Solar to take care of your solar needs, just like thousands of other people have.