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The following documentation is available to you if you need additional information about your solar system. Outlined below is PG&E information, data sheets, manufacturer warranties and federal tax credit information. If you ever need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our office staff at, (805) 772-6786. We are always available to help!

A.M. Sun Solar
Client Resource Library

PG&E Information

PG&E rate information for NEM 2.0

Commercial & TOU Rates

PG&E Bill & True-Up Examples

System Design Specification PDFs

Module, inverter and monitoring specification sheets




Warranty Information

Module and inverter manufacturer warranties

Module Warranties

Inverter Warranties

Solar Tax Information

The documentation below is everything you need to file your Federal Solar Tax Credit. Your signed contract or change order is used to show the full system cost to your accountant.

Residential Solar

Online Monitoring Information

If you purchased online monitoring with your solar system, here is how to access your online monitoring account.

SolarEdge Monitoring

Your user account was created using your email address.

You will receive an email from SolarEdge and the subject will say, “Registration to SolarEdge Monitoring Portal“. This email contains a link to create your user profile and you will be able to choose your password.

*Please note under the measurements drop down options, to choose Imperial, since we are in the United States and to make sure you check the small box accepting the terms.

To view an example of the email:  Click Here

Locus Monitoring

To access this information, you can log in at through the Login icon at the top.

  • Your user name is your: Email address
  • Your password is: locusamsun

You can change your password any time after your first log in. If you have any issues logging in please let us know.