Say hello to Enphase Storage.
Say goodbye to blackouts. 

Enphase Storage Systems provide seamless and automatic backup power for your home that is reliable, smart, simple, and safe.  If you are thinking about going solar and are interested in a backup battery, inquire about adding Enphase Solar Panels. Or, if you already have an Enphase Solar System in place, our experts will be able to add Enphase Storage to your existing system! 

(Only Enphase Solar Systems are compatible with Enphase Storage systems at this time)

Secure backup power for your home in an all-in-one smart energy system. 
Take control of your home’s energy with an energy storage system, from the palm of your hand. 

Enphase Storage Systems include:

  • Three base Encharge 3 storage units
  • Total usable energy capacity of 10.08 kWh
  • 12 embedded grid-forming microinverters
  • 3.84 kW power rating


  • It’s safer from fires when compared to other batteries
  • You won’t need an active cooling system; it already comes with Low DC battery voltage
  • Storm Guard tracks weather for advanced notice


  • Can make more use of PV power
  • Grid down? 100% power will come from solar energy or can throttle back on the PV used to offset load
  • No wasted energy


  • Redundancy throughout the system with multiple batteries and multiple inverters working on the roof and in the storage
  • Easy to service with swappable inverters. Includes a 25-year warranty on inverters
  • Ask about our extendable warranty!
We can create a custom quote for you based on your current solar energy system. Let’s connect!