Cory Howe


Cory is a southern California native. He is a 3rd generation contractor who has spent most of his childhood summers working on job sites learning various trades. He fell in love with electrical work during his early years and later focused solely on learning electrical. He moved to the central coast in 2002 for what was supposed to be a few years, but like so many do after living here, he never left.


Upon moving back to the central coast, he met his wife and they have one son, Declan and live in Paso Robles.


He started working for a solar company in 2003 where he was able to take his knowledge in the electric trade and apply it to the solar industry. Through his years in solar, he has learned a lot and is considered a veteran in the solar industry since the industry is so new. Today Cory is one of the partners at A.M. Sun Solar, Inc. He is also the responsible managing officer which means he is the contractor of reference for the company. Although he does not work out in the field anymore, he considers himself an electrician over a businessman and still enjoys getting his hands dirty.