Solar that works as hard as you do

Whether you know it or not, you’ve already chosen solar. The power of the Sun already grows your crops, why not have the Sun power the rest of what you do? Choosing solar for your farm, winery, agricultural business or ranch can eliminate your electricity cost and lower your overhead. Get your hands dirty doing the work you love, not digging through your energy bills.

Put Solar To Work For You

Installation Options

A.M. Sun Solar has custom solar installation solutions for central coast ranches, wineries, agricultural and more. We know that

how your property is used is important to you, that’s why our solar consultants provide a solution that fits your needs.

Roof Mounted Solar

Our roof mounted solar installations can go on any style or material including:

  • Corrugated
  • Composite shingles
  • Spanish Tile
  • Metal
  • And more

Raised Solar

Many of our agricultural solar clients on the central coast choose raised solar as a solution. It’s a great choice to take advantage of solar, provide shade and not lose storage space. Our solar consultants will put together a solution for your raised solar, we’ll take care of any permits and paperwork as well.

Ground Mount Solar

If you have a lot of acreage, or a spot picked out on your property for solar we can install a ground mount array for you. Ground mount solar solutions can provide huge energy savings and are an excellent choice for any size system.

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A.M. Sun Solar Agricultural Client Spotlight

Chesebrough Farm in Templeton

A.M. Sun Solar was initially the only solar company that made the effort to make a personal visit to Chesebrough farm. Their concern was they would need multiple arrays for each meter, which would require extensive trenching on their property in order to go solar. We were able to develop a aggregated solution on a single roof and eliminate their $800+ monthly electric bill.

Our Solar Solution for Chesebrough farm:
  • 18kw system
  • 69 panels
  • 2 inverters
  • 1 week installation
  • $800 a month electric bill eliminated
  • 24% saving return on investment


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How long will it take to see if I can save with solar?

With a 10 minute phone call, our solar consultants can tell you if your winery, ranch or property can save with solar. We’ll start with some questions and even offer you a free energy rate analysis. We’ll also take a look at your property layout with satellite imagery and discuss your individual needs. Fill out this form or call us at 1-877-AM-SUN to get started today.